Archana’s tryst with fashion began from as early as she could remember. She would design her clothes and create something new from her grandmother’s clothes. Even though she was strongly opinionated about fashion from a very young age, her true passion and creativity towards fashion unleashed after she got married into a textile family, who boast of being the first weavers of Chanderi Handloom in India.

Encouraged by her father-in-law, Archana started soaking everything she could about handwork, various crafts, handloom, and several other aspects of traditional craftsmanship and handloom. Experimenting, learning, and two decades of sheer hard work resulted in the birth of her eponymous brand in 1996. Since then, the sky has become the limit for her. She has been redefining fashion in a way exclusive to her.

Her work is an eclectic combination of handloom and handicrafts of India. Working in tandem with different artisans across the length and breadth of India, she creates mesmerizing and exclusive pieces of sarees and dupattas. They show some unique combinations of crafts and looms with acute attention to the finest details, which makes them remarkably distinctive.

Expression and Celebration of Culture and Traditions of the country.

We pride on creating indigenous pieces that are high in comfort and quality. Our luxe fabrics feel pampering against the skin and leave you with a high comfort quotient. It can be easily adorned round the clock and through all seasons. Fashion and functionality with utmost comfort define our sustainable pieces.

Experience Intricate Perfection

Each piece designed by us is subdued, organic, detail-oriented and an amalgamation of multiple crafts on sumptuous fabrics. This is what makes our brand unique and different from all others. Our innate brand breaks the boundaries of high-fashion and special-occasion wear to design products that rank high on comfort and luxury.

We do not believe in trends or reinventing traditions. Instead, our pieces retain the traditional essence but represent themselves in a modern context. With our roots in Hyderabad, we work with artists across the length and breadth of India to promote their work as well as support them live with their heads held high. We strive to showcase the knowledge and dexterity of our artisans on a global platform to give due recognition and respect to their complex skills.

While bringing together multiple handicrafts together, we pay attention to minutest details to create silhouettes that stand out as unique and distinguished. Our interpretations are authentic and traditional but effortlessly cater to the contemporary audience and customers. Archana Jaju brand is synonymous with nurturing and supporting India’s epitome of luxury- its handicrafts. Each piece designed under our flagship is to develop and protect the handicrafts produced by the skilled artisans in a sustainable way.

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